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Our broad-spectrum (whole-plant extract) products include a wide range of cannabinoids which can have a greater effect as all the cannabinoids can work together.

Our products are rich in essential oils known as Terpene oils (found in the cannabis plant as well as in many other herbs and fruits), which can help to increase the potential benefits of our products. Cannabis plants are one of the most terpene-dense plants there are, and they are a valuable component of the plant.

CBD and terpenes can work together to have what is known as the entourage effect, which can mean that the effects of our terpene-rich products are greater.

Testing careful crafted

Carefully Crafted

BulletCBD oil is a natural food supplement derived from the cannabis plant. Our products do not contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the substance that creates the “high”.

There are no synthetic compounds in our products, and we recommend that you avoid lab-grown compounds which have been linked to incidents of ill health in the past.

Extract Only the goodness

Balanced & Natural

The science behind the potential benefits of CBD remains in its infancy, and it’s something we’re passionate about following. We believe in the benefits, and many people who have used CBD products in the past have experienced benefits as well.

We can’t – and we won’t – make false claims about the benefits of CBD for your health because that would be unfair, and we would advise you to be cautious if you ever see a company who markets their products in such a way. But together we can develop our products and continue to research how CBD can be beneficial in the ways that we believe that it can be

Formula Formulated to perfection

The Right Amount

All our products are:

Natural, clean, safe and legal;

Produced and packaged in the UK;

Suitable for use as part of a vegan diet;

Free from genetically modified organisms (GMO), heavy metals and pesticides.

There are no synthetic compounds in our products.

Natural ingredients

Ingredients you understand

Made to the highest standards with no chemical additives. We want to be clear whats in our CBD bottles from where they’re sourced to what it does, so its clear how it helps you.

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