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Calm, Balanced & Ease

Experience calm and stillness, regain your balance and help your headspace with just a couple of drops.


Helping you to relieve your aches and pains, just a few drops can soothe your pains away.


Feel rejuvenated, recharged and refreshed, our drops are an excellent addition to any drink or tea before bedtime. With natural flavourless options available.

Be At Ease

Just for you

500 mg

Great Starting Point

Our 500mg is light and gentle, perfect for those just starting on their journey to relaxation.

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natural 500mg cbd oil

Easy To Use

Add a few drops to your cuppa

Whether you want to ease those early morning nerves, settle that back-strain from a workout session or just wanting to relax ater a hectic day.

Simply add a few drops to your favourite drink, water or tea and feel the benefits immediately.

We also stock a range of great flavours for those who prefer direct appliance.

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Their stories

Listen to our customers' stories

BulletCBD are dedicated to making your CBD experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible – so we really do value your feedback. Listen to our customers’ reviews to find out more.


I have suffered from arthritis in my left knee it swells and very painful, my son ordered me some 40% CBD MCT oil to try. To my surprise, I was completely relieved! Plus I now receive 25% off every time I order as well.

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My mum absolutely loves to get out and about, and walks miles and miles each day. Unfortunately, within the last year or so she found out she had arthritis in her knees and this has really hindered her ability to go out as much as she would like. Sadly, you can tell she has been quite down about this. It was suggested to me that she may wish to try CBD oil as it may help her. From what I could see online and had been told, it seemed like this may be a good shout, but I had also seen that the CBD oil that is readily available, and even the stuff on the High Street, is not what it says it is in that it doesn't contain the CBD that it purports to.

I got her some 10%/1000mg CBD in MCT Oil from BulletCBD as their products are subject to stringent testing and she has been trying it over the last few weeks. I asked her if there had been any difference in her knees since she had tried the CBD oil and she said she was on 'a new lease of life'! I am really, really pleased and would recommend that anyone with the same problem or similar problems give CBD oil a try and see what it could do for them. Thank you very much, BulletCBD.

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Great product and reliable service. Reassuring to see a seller at the forefront for using natural UK sourced ingredients.


I have always struggled with my sleep, I'm often awake from 2am with a busy brain and I often feel quite nervous - especially in my stomach area. I hope that makes sense? I've been trialing a few drops before bed with my evening drink and I am definitely seeing an improvement in my sleep and also in my approach to my tasks for the day ahead. Thank you!

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