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At the Bullet CBD Company, we are proud to be able to offer THC-free CBD Oils, and it is important to talk about what this means and why it is important.

CBD products can be safe for sale and use here in the UK so long as the THC levels are either very low, or if the THC is removed entirely. What we do here is only ever provide premium products for our customers, and we also use independent testing for customers to see the science for themselves.

Science has now evolved for us to be able to extract the really good stuff from the Cannabis Plant and leave out the bad stuff. That is how we can provide safe and legal products for our customers here in the UK today.

The importance of THC-free CBD products

The market for health and well-being products continues to grow on an upward curve. A significant part of this is the CBD sector, which has become a household staple for many people around the world these days. And, in these particularly tough times of COVID lockdowns and not being able to get to the gym, the use of CBD has been important for people for many different reasons. These range from mental health to help with exercise and motivation.

With growth comes cheap products. We know that there are generic CBD labelled products being sold online and in shops, and these are not always the best products to go for. We believe that what is in the CBD products that people buy is really important, and we say that it is always best to go direct to a specialist supplier like us.

You know that when we say that we can offer THC-free CBD products, we are telling the truth. How? For two good reasons: one, is that we focus on only producing and selling high-quality, premium CBD products that are safe and legal for sale and use here in the UK. That is what we do. Secondly, we also rely on third-party laboratory testing so our customers can see the science for themselves. Customers can go here to our lab reports section, enter their product information, and see the independent testing lab reports themselves.

That means 100% verified products for you!

Science: evolved

Cannabis plants have been used by societies around the world for thousands of years. Now, we are able to use the power of science to extract the good stuff and leave out the bad stuff.

The evolution of this science means that we can provide legally compliant THC-free CBD products for our customers. THC - Tetrahydrocannabinol - is typically the compound that gives people the effect of being “high” and is a controlled substance here in the UK. This is what can now be removed.

It is safe and legal for sale and use when it comes to CBD, so long as the THC element is either incredibly low or completely removed.

Shop today

You can shop our range of THC-free CBD products here today.

Remember: we offer products that are 100% natural and organic, GMO-free, free from heavy metals and synthetics, and that are suitable for Vegan lifestyles as well as Gluten-Free. Check out the product information and descriptions in the shop here for more information and enjoy free and fast delivery on applicable ranges today.


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