Is CBD safe?

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You may have heard a lot about CBD products and you may be left wondering, is CBD safe?

The consumption of CBD Oil as a food supplement is legal for sale and use in the UK. At the Bullet CBD Company, our products are simple and natural food supplements, made from natural and organic ingredients, which means they are safe to consume.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. Our products are made up of compounds known as cannabinoids that are found naturally in the cannabis plant.

CBD can have the same effect as compounds that are already found in the human body, known as endocannabinoids. The compounds, found naturally in the body, are neurotransmitters that form as part of the body’s nervous system which can send signals between cells to ‘communicate’ with cells so they can adjust their behaviour.

This tells you what effect CBD products, such as CBD oil, can have on the human body, which is why customers report how the use of CBD oil has helped with things like pain and swelling, or as an anxiety relief. See more of what our customers have to say about how using CBD oil has helped them.

That is what CBD can do; let’s move on to, is CBD safe?

Is CBD safe?

Is CBD safe to use?

In short, yes - our CBD is safe to use. Our CBD products do not contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the compound of the plant that can cause the effect of being ‘high’. Even some CBD products from some manufacturers that do contain traces of THC, usually at less than 0.3%, should not have an effect of making people feel “high”.

If you are looking for a CBD product containing zero THC, broad-spectrum CBD oil is normally the way to go. The plant goes through an extraction process to separate the compounds and then through a further extraction process to remove all traces of THC, which should leave the oil free from THC completely.

The general consensus is that most users of CBD report no side-effects at all. However, it is important to point out (again) that what separates us from other providers is that we strictly use 100% natural and organic ingredients. All you are doing is consuming compounds that naturally exist, and what we do is extract the good stuff and leave out the bad stuff.

So, is CBD safe? When you know that all we do is provide a natural food supplement, the answer is yes.

Our Bullet CBD Oil

At the Bullet Company, our CBD oils are made from pure and natural ingredients that are sourced from within the UK and Europe. Our oils do not contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), heavy metals, pesticides, or synthetic compounds.

As a brand, we only believe in making the highest quality products we can, using simple and organic ingredients. Our oils are rich in essential oils known as Terpene Oils, which could increase the potential benefits of our CBD products.

It is important to find products that contain exactly what they say they do. That is why we put our products through a strict testing process and also send our products to a third-party lab for independent testing. We also provide the lab results to our customers so we can be completely open and transparent with our valued customers.

You can shop our range of CBD oils on our website now. We offer a range of products including orange and peppermint flavourings.


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