How You Can Trust in the Safety of our CBD Products

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Being able to trust in the safety of our CBD is a really important thing for us and for out customers. This is why we do things differently to a lot of other sellers and producers out there.

At the Bullet CBD Company, we really focus on providing high-quality, premium CBD products. We are not interested in cutting corners and offering cheap goods. This is why trust in the safety of what we have on offer is essential, and why we employ this as part of our business model as we will explain below.

What are the concerns?

The market for CBD has exploded in recent years as many more people commit to a healthier lifestyle by making use of what is on offer in the food supplements sector. We are becoming bigger, as a society, on using nature’s power to help us with all sorts of things, and CBD has become a firm part of it.

From straight-up oils to CBD-infused drinks and creams, it is almost everywhere nowadays.

But we can understand that people need to talk about whether it is safe to use or not. The marketing for CBD Oils can be a bit of a ‘wild west’ sort of situation, and it can be hard to know who to trust. Just because a big brand or a larger retailer is offering CBD does not always mean it is the best product to go for.

The science in terms of the potential benefits of using CBD remains in its infancy. When we take this into account, let us talk about how you can trust in the safety of our CBD products below.

How we demonstrate the safety of our CBD products

You can trust in the safety of our CBD for a few good reasons, and these include the fact that our CBD is:

  • Made from 100% natural and organic ingredients. All you are taking with our CBD products are natural and organic ingredients;
  • THC-free, so it is legal for sale and use in the UK and will not give you the effect of being “high” that is synonymous with the THC compound;
  • Completely free from GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms);
  • Not mixed in with synthetic compounds like some CBD is.

All you are doing with our CBD is taking pure and natural ingredients that we have extracted and refined from the Cannabis Plant. That is all it is.

How we prove this to you

Proving the safety of our CBD is achieved in a special way with the Bullet CBD Company. This is because we have our CBD independently tested in a third-party laboratory to prove what our products contain. And then to make sure that you can be satisfied, we also give access to the lab reports to our customers here. That way, you can see the science for yourself.

Ready to shop our range of amazing CBD products today? Check out the range we have on offer right now here.


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