High-quality CBD Oils from the Bullet CBD Company

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At the Bullet CBD Company, we strictly supply high-quality CBD products for our customers, with no corners cut and no cheap alternatives with us.

High-quality is at the very core of what we are all about as a brand and a business, so we would not want to have it any other way. We are not interested in cheap and easy; we want our food supplements to be the best that they can be for you.

After all, it is what you expect.

Here is a little insight into what high-quality products mean for us, and how we can make sure that our quality assurance goes above and beyond our customers’ needs and demands.

What makes high-quality CBD products?

It can be easy to talk about selling and providing high-quality CBD, but what does this actually mean?

Well, for us, it means providing:

  • Broad-spectrum (whole-plant extract) products that contain a wide range of cannabinoids. Working together, this can have a greater effect which is known as the entourage effect;
  • Products that are rich in Terpene Oils, which can also help to increase the efficacy of our CBD;
  • Carefully crafted oils that are free from the compound that can cause the feeling of being “high”, known as THC;
  • Products that are free from synthetic compounds and are GMO-free;
  • Organic and natural food supplements;
  • Food supplements that are balanced and made in a clean, safe and legal environment.

And this is exactly what we offer here at the Bullet CBD Company, and we would not have it any other way. For us, focusing on only high-quality products is what sets us apart. It is not just a unique selling point for our customers, it is a part of the very fabric of our brand DNA.

For us, quality is not an option - quality is a given.

We also go one step further, and we can offer Vegan-friendly and gluten-free products as well.

Seeing the science for yourself

How do you trust in the high-quality CBD that we offer?

Well, with us, that is easy.

Not only do we rely on our own in-house analytical testing for quality assurance, but we also make use of third-party, independent laboratory testing as well. Our third-party quality assurance is specifically designed to make sure that it is not just us making sure that what we offer is the best that it can be, but making sure that independent testers can also verify what we sell.

We even provide access to the independent lab reports to customers on our website here so you can see the science for yourself.

Shop our high-quality products today

You can shop our range of high-quality CBD products in our shop here today. Depending on stock availability, we can offer a range of volumes and flavours, and we always recommend that you stock up, so you know that you have enough of the oils that you need, when you need it.

You can enjoy fast and free delivery on qualifying orders - see here for more information about how this works.


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