Hidden contents in CBD - how to be assured with The Bullet CBD Company

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Sometimes, there can be hidden contents in CBD oils, so it is worthwhile that customers do their homework when it comes to choosing the right CBD and the right company to use.

And we appreciate that it is easy for us to talk about everything that we do and why we are a great option, but people need assurance; real assurance. That is why, as part of our quality control processes and systems, we offer exactly that: absolute, quality assurance.

Read on for some information about how we can do this and how you can be 100% assured of what it is that we sell.

There are NO hidden contents in CBD that we sell

We are proud at The Bullet CBD Company to declare that there are absolutely no hidden contents in CBD oils and products that we sell. None at all. What we sell is made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, and we would not want it to be any other way.

As a CBD company that focuses on premium quality products and high customer service, the last thing we would ever do is try to deceive those that we value the most: our customers. What we sell is exactly what we say it is, and we are proud to offer products that are free from GMO and do not contain heavy metals and pesticides.

Not all CBD sellers and producers can boast such claims, and people do need to be wary when shopping for CBD. Going direct to specialist sellers like us is always recommended because we can assure the quality and safety of what we sell.

How do we prove this?

Okay, if you have read this far, you have seen our proud declaration that there are no hidden contents in CBD products that we sell.

But how can we prove that? It’s not like anyone out there who would hide low-quality or potentially dangerous contents in their CBD would advertise it now, would they?

What you need is solid assurance, and that is something that we have already thought of. Since we started providing premium CBD products, we have relied on not only our own in-hose analytical testing, but also on third-party laboratory testing. This means that an independent company tests our products so we can assure our customers of what it is that we are selling.

Okay, if we were trying to be sneaky, saying that we use third-party testing is probably another line we could use, so how do you know for sure we are doing it?

Fair question. And that is exactly why we provide access to the third-party laboratory reports to our customers. Our customers can enter their product information into the site here to actually see the science for themselves. That way, you do not even have to take our word for it.

And that is how we prove that there are no hidden contents in CBD products that we sell.

Shop with confidence today

Shop with confidence today with The Bullet CBD Company and enjoy fast and free delivery on qualifying orders.

See our range in stock here now and make sure to check out the lab reports once your CBD has safely arrived to see the science for yourself!


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