Can CBD Work? See What Our Customers Say

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Can CBD work? This is a key question that many people ask when they are considering trying our products, and we take a different approach to how we can answer this question.

First things first, the science when it comes to the effect that CBD could have remains in its infancy. We cannot, and will not, make promises and big claims about what it might be able to do. That being said, there are many positive stories from around the world, and we are in the process of gathering a huge amount of feedback from people using our products.

We have started with posting just a few stories on our website here, but we expect many more to be posted over the coming weeks and months. We are asking our customers for their stories and, so far, the responses have been really great to hear.

Can CBD work? Here’s what our customers said

Like we said above, the science is very young, so there are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to the potential effects of using CBD. What we do is let the customers tell us how they felt - what they used it for, and whether they felt it had any effect on them. We can then tell you about their stories to help you understand if CBD could be beneficial for you or not.

Here’s a short Q and A based on a small number of customer experiences:

Q: Can CBD work for pain and inflammation?
A: Two of our recent customers posted positive stories about how Bullet CBD had helped with pain and swelling arising from arthritis in the knees. One described using our products as leaving them “completely relieved”, and another said she was “on a new lease of life”. This is brilliant to hear, and we have other customers who are keen to provide feedback soon for their experiences when it comes to muscular problems as well.

Q: Can CBD work as a sleep aid?
A: customer Zoe said she had been struggling with her sleep and would often wake at night and suffered from nervousness. She said that she has been “definitely seeing an improvement in my sleep and also in my approach to my tasks for the day ahead”.

Q: Can CBD work for anxiety relief?
A: Zoe, referenced above, had also used Bullet CBD for anxiety, and we also have Ad who used it for the same reasons. He commended what he felt was a great product and a reliable service - which is really great to hear.

100% organic and natural

One thing that we do know from seeing how CBD can work or not is that it can affect different people in different ways. But taking the potential effects aside for a moment, it is important that the food supplements we sell are premium and 100% natural. This way, we can be assured that they are safe and legal for sale and use in the UK, because all the ingredients are 100% organic and natural.

All you are doing is using premium ingredients that are completely natural with nothing man-made and no GMO, heavy metals, or pesticides. We even back this up with our third-party testing where our customers can access the independent laboratory reports to see the science for themselves - see that our ingredients are what they say they are, and know that our quantities and concentrations are precisely as advertised.

Shop today and share your journey

Why not try some of our premium products and see if Bullet CBD can help you? If our products work for you, we would love to hear your story as to how they have helped you as well.

Like we said, the science is young and the potential benefits of using CBD are not fixed and remain unknown in terms of scientific results. We are not in the business of marketing wild claims about what it could do but, by sharing our customer stories, we can share real customer experiences that may help you to decide if you want to try our premium products.

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